Hydraulic dynamic crowning

With the patented hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam the effect of "bulging" no longer exists when bending sheets of different materials and different sheet thicknesses. Traditional bending machines have only a static crowning of the bending beam, which is useful for just a specific sheet thickness and a specific bending angle. Contrary to this, the new hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam makes it possible to bend a sheet with an exact arbitrary angle independent of sheet thickness and material. The controlled operation of the beams with electronic control takes regard of the sheet thickness and backspring correlations, this then directs the corresponding coefficients to crown the bending beam, so that a guaranteed optimal bending results over the whole material length.

Bulk - Shear effects vs dynamic crowning
  • Image 1 demonstrates a perfectly even sheet, bent using the patented hydraulic dynamic camber.
  • Image 2 demonstrates potential results bending with a not appropriate camber
  • Image 3 demonstrate potential results bending without a camber