Leading through innovation - Hydraulic Bending Machines -

Capacity from 1000mm (39.4 inch) to 8000mm (315 inch) in width, and sheet thickness from 1mm (19 gauge) to 25mm (1 inch)

Ideal power transmission and robust construction:

The bending machine is a very robust and tough welded steel construction. In contrary to other conventional
constructions the weight could be reduced. An essential component of this new construction is the optimization
of the bending force when folding. Additional to this is the case of the "blind spot" in the context of folding
beam adjustment and setting of the bending radius, This is avoided with the hydraulic actuator and can be
used optimally.

Technical data

Bending angle max: 135°
Lift of the upper beam: 300mm
Inner bend radius min: 2 x sheet thickness
Restraint length min: 10 x sheet thickness
Operating Voltage: 400 V
Power consumption: 5 bis 30 kW
Voltage: 24V DC
Hydraulic pressure: 50 - 400 hPa

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